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We have developed a novel technology which significantly reduces the gene synthesis time and cost. Therefore, you can order genes as conveniently as oligos.
We have a very professional team.

At Generay, we offer very competitive price with good quality.No hidden price. You retain all rights to your sequence data and related intellectual property.

Turn Around Time


Delivery Time (Working Days)

Price(USD )

150bp 5-7

Minimum charge 100.00
Per construct or 0.23/bp











Please inquire

Please inquire

* Non-standard sequences extra. Sequences > 5kb inquire. Large Project and Pharma account, please inquire.
1. For complex sequences, please contact us for quotation.
2. Genes are cloned into one of our standard vector pUC57, pGH, pGE, pBluescript II SK (+). If customer desires to clone the gene into a specified cloning vehicle, there will be an additional charge USD $150.00/subclone.
3. Optimization is free.
4. Freight is 40.00 USD.
5. Single-read sequencing only. Double-read sequencing service is available upon request.
To place a gene synthesis order or request a quotation by:
Tel: +86-21-67840429+86-21-67840922

Ordering :
How to order
Submit your sequence for optimization and synthesis. Please also submit the following information in addition to the sequence: 1.Desired cloning vector. Our standard vectors are pBluescriptII SK, pGH, pGE or pUC57, but we also have other vectors (please inquire).
2. 5' and 3' terminal restriction enzyme sites.
3. Restriction enzyme sites you want to remove from the original sequence.
4. Restriction enzyme sites you want to retain.

What we deliver
1.Approximately 4 g of lyophilized plasmid DNA which contains synthetic gene.
2. Sequencing data which confirm the synthetic gene sequence cloned into a desired vector. Synthetic gene sequence will be confirmed base-by-base using automated fluorescent DNA sequencing, and we guarantee 100% match with your requested sequence.  
3.The picture of gel electrophoresis documenting restriction enzyme digestion of each clone. 
4. Sequencing map of the plasmid containing your gene.

Note: The package will be sent to you by FedEx or DHL.

Gene synthesis inquiry and quotation request
You may want to submit a gene synthesis inquiry or quotation request to us before placing an order. You can also send your gene synthesis inquiry by:
Tel: +86-21-67840429 +86-21-67840922

For a codon optimization service, please provide the following information:
1. Protein sequence or ORF DNA sequence.
2. Intended Latin name of host expression system.
3. Restriction sites at both ends.
4. Restriction sites that you want to avoid in the optimized sequence.
5. Restriction sites that you want to keep in the original sequence.

Absolute confidentiality
Gene synthesis order information and gene sequence information will be kept completely confidential. If needed, we will sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement stating that we will not use or disclose the sequence of your gene to a third party for any reason.

Complex gene
GC limitation:
The lowest GC content should not be less than 20% for the full sequence. For a local region, should be less than 100 bp, the GC content can be lower to 10%. For very low GC region, there should be no complex region, such as hairpin structure, reverse complementary repeat region.
High GC sequence is different from low GC sequence, because it will be difficult to sequence final product. So 70% GC content for a full sequence and 80% GC content for a partial region are the limited. We usually do not accepted GC content higher than 75%.
Reverse complementary repeat sequence
Generally, we do not accept the gene order with reverse complementary repeat sequence for we can not sequence its final product. Reverse complementary repeat sequence is the most difficult sequencing structure.
Direct Repeat (Forward repeat sequence)
 Direct repeat sequence should be less than 20bp within 100bp.
Price for complex gene
We have rich experience in synthesizing complex gene. Since HPLC purification oligos and expensive enzymes will be used during gene synthesis, so the cost for complex gene will be higher than standard sequences.



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